Lutz GLOBE Podcast 1 – Series introduction: The urgent need to recreate school learning.

This podcast introduces a series about how we must reshape what we mean by “school” in a time of incredible changes. The need for a paradigm shift is urgent. The nine topics that comprise this series are previewed here.

Lutz GLOBE Podcast 2 – Think of whole school learning design and implementation as a work of art.

This discussion emphasizes that the work of school design, redesign, or improvement needs to continually view a school as a live organism where every part affects every other part. The metaphor of art is used to emphasize that to be most effective all the school’s elements must be viewed as learning conditions, and they must be interwoven and aligned to a strong mission and vision.

St. Assumption High School

Lutz GLOBE Podcast 3 – Challenging Assumptions of the Old School Paradigm

Unexplored assumptions about how we typically structure school are the focus of this podcast, and how they inhibit learning for many students. A key example is studied, along with its underlying issue of remediation practices. As with other podcasts in this series, the discussion continues to be pursued in light of what could be, and what tools we have right now to make the paradigm shift.